Sustainable Moreton Bay Business Toolbox

Business Precincts

Sustainable Business Precincts are being established as groups of businesses identifiable by their demonstrated commitment to “having a go at being sustainable.”

Be one of the first participating businesses so you can be identified by:

  • Their listing as part of their local Moreton Bay Sustainable Business Precinct
  • Display of a prominent sticker or sign on their building featuring the Precinct logo
  • Display of the Sustainable Business Precinct logo on business stationery
  • Inclusion of the business name and promotional information on a printed promotional brochure for the local Precinct and website

The benefit proposition is that a self-selecting group of local businesses will be empowered to build high quality sustainable businesses which achieve enhanced:

  • Resource productivity
  • Cost savings and competitiveness
  • Risk reduction against carbon costing
  • Consumer loyalty and trust
  • Reputation & improved public profile
  • New markets, new customers and business growth
  • Shareholder/investor satisfaction
  • Comparative advantage in the marketplace
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Overall improved social and environmental responsibility
  • Improved sustainable local economies and business outcomes
  • More sustainable communities

Anticipated outcomes for businesses in the Precinct

  • Businesses will become more sustainable in the broadest sense – economically, socially and environmentally.
  • Enable transparency within businesses to show real improvements in sustainability
  • Develop a doing and reporting culture which engages people actively in collecting, interpreting and reporting the sustainability of their business and the Precinct and making this information easily accessible and interpretable by customers and other stakeholders
  • Engage stakeholders internally and externally through continued commitment and improvement in sustainability practices and policies
  • Make sustainability management practices transparent and open to direct scrutiny and internal improvement

Contact us if you’d like to start a Precinct or be part of a Precinct.


Moreton Bay Sustainable Business Precincts

Pilot Sustainable Business Precincts are being established in the Moreton Bay Region so that groups of businesses are identifiable to customers by their demonstrated commitment to “having a go at being sustainable.”

The Precincts may be based on both geographic groupings and ‘precincts of interest’.

The benefit proposition and expected outcomes have their basis in informed opinion worldwide.

Expert support will be provided to those Precincts opting into the concept from October 2019.

Contact us if you’d like to start a Precinct or be part of a Precinct.

Kinetikits Sustainability

Kinetikits is a new member of the Samford Precinct and has just completed the first stage of the Valid8 process. View their journey, how sustainability is an integral part of their business and the benefits of being a part of the sustainable business precincts.